Today social media presence is almost as essential as breathing. You may not have time for it or simply don’t know how to manage it. What to say and when to say it? Yet, you know it is important. There is an untapped audience out there. With time, strategy, the right words and visuals your business can be active and engaged in the social media world.

The social media strategy will be implemented by the Blog Smart team after an initial evaluation about the scope, goals and direction of the entire digital strategy project. Content will be decided collaboratively, taking into account the client’s backlog of post ideas, seasonal and current events and new topics brainstormed by both parties.

Here’s what we do:

  • Assess your social media needs
  • Open accounts and get you started on the social media that would matter for your business
  • Manage all social media and on a regular basis
  • Write original content to be posted, shared and tweeted online – content that matters