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About Us

Are you ready to blog smart?

“Powerful business storytelling that reaches new audiences.”

A blog is a powerful tool. It gains influence in an industry, wins followers and fans and has proven to bring in new business. Yet, many companies don’t understand how blogs really work. Others may want to invest time and resources into starting one but may be hesitant to take the plunge since they are so unfamiliar with the concept.  Other organizations have started blogging but don’t know if they are doing it right.

We believe any business can benefit from a great blog strategy. Websites with more content generate more customers. However, producing successful content that reads well and drives traffic is a challenge for those who don’t have the experience. You can no longer put any content out there you need a defined strategy to compete and be seen by the right audience. Blog Smart’s team can help.

We are professionals in business storytelling.

We create customized, unique content that touches your target audience.
Talk to Blog Smart about:

  • Internal Blog Strategy
  • External Blog Strategy
  • Blog Writing
  • Blog Management
  • Social Media Management

We’re confident we can provide your business with the content and blogging services you need to get discovered online.

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Our Creative Staff

We work to make your business start effectively working for you. Meet the financial and marketing specialists. These guys create a magic.


What Our Clients Say

Rental Center Crete

I’ve been working with Elena for the 3 years. We initially outsourced all the blog writing of our blog, but we expanded our co-operation to social media and other projects. It is always a great pleasure to do so. Thank you very much!

Rental Center Crete

Sybil Hofmann

Elena created our state-of-the-art blog to enhance our brand, and connect with our existing and potential customers!  Her creativity, thorough research to provide high quality content, passion, focused vision, positive mind and excellent writing skills have made our blog most inspiring, informative, friendly and hugely visited.

Sybil Hofmann

President of Swiss Alpine Center
Elena Papanicolaou

Elena is a curious, perceptive traveler and a talented, efficient professional. We are happy she is part of our team.

Elena Papanicolaou

Founder of Fly Me To The Moon
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Winning together by working in team

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